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Play Golf on the Oculus Quest using your controller as the club. Practise bunkers, putting, driving, Play a full 18 hole round of  Golf at the customed design Cave Lakes or just hit some balls on one of the ‘Golf Escapes’. If you played golf on the Oculus GO, we have redesigned the visual experience - improved water, trees, greens, menu system, clubhouse, mechanics and new features such as rivers, enhanced practise areas and a Golf Escapes feature. You can even play a 9 Hole ‘Chip Challenge’ course located on the Moon. 



•             *NEW PRO mode now available

•             18 Hole custom designed Golf Course with rivers and lakes

•             9 Hole Moon Chip Challenge course

•             6 Escapes including Beach, Space, Moon and Driving Range

•             See Statistics and  adjust green speed and clubs

•             Enhanced golf mechanics with Draw, Fade and Backspin

•             Controller Measurement System showing distance and club required

•             Explore feature allowing the ability to fly anywhere on the course

•             Helicopter Flyovers and Live Satellite views

•             Practise Playground  - repeated bunker, putting and fairway practise

•             Save current progress feature

•             Supports two players on local headset

Requires SideQuest to install the demo

How to play

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
TagsGolf, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsOculus Quest
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

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A beginner golfer here with zero experience and having a blast playing golf in Virtual Reality. I'm sure professional golfers will appreciate it even more with all the advanced features, but still, very accessible been for newbies like myself, an amazing VR golf game for Oculus Quest.

I payed 9.99 for this on itch.io and I had access to the full version, that has now been replaced by the demo version??  It is over 100k smaller.  I will not be updating my full sidequest loaded version with this demo.

Hi, We are sending out Oculus keys to those that purchased from itch. You can email us service@exvrience.com from the email address you used and we will provide they key and mark it off.  

If I purchased through itch, will I be able to install the full version from Applab?  Also, I received an email for an update.  When I updated, it replaced my full version with the demo version

Hi, We are sending out Oculus keys to those that purchased from itch. You can email us service@exvrience.com from the email address you used and we will provide they key and mark it off.  

Hi all, I'm a golfer and I'm loving exVRience so far! A few suggestions:

- The obvious: more courses and online multiplayer mode (I assume this is being worked on)

- Increase the graphic's resolution for grass.  A non-repeating pattern would be nice, too, for more realism. 

- Non-flat stances feel weird.  It feels you are "buried" in the grass.

- A closer approach when addressing the ball.   It feels awkward to hit the ball so far behind it.  This would actually result in a "fat" shot in real life! :)

- A "walk to the ball" option, as in real life.  I think this would be very nice, and it shouldn't be so hard since you already have an "explore" option.  Maybe a buggy in the future? :)

- A tee-up option for first shots.  It feels very weird to hit the driver with no tee.

- I personally would remove the "practice ball" option in game, or at least in two-player mode or when multiplayer is implemented.  This is kind of  cheating, in my oppinion.

- A "weighted" feel for the clubs would be awesome, from lightest (driver), to heaviest (putter).  I've seen some VR games have this option when you pick up objects. 

Keep up the good work! Looking forward for any updates.

Hi All - I tried the demo and loved the play. I purchased the app, however, I get errors every time I try to install it.  I am on an  iMAC OS ver 11.2.1.  I took a screenshot of the error. I am also using the Itch app to install.  Please help. I am getting the following error:

"While queuing download: TypeError: Cannot read property 'build' of undefined"

Hi, you will need to use SideQuest to install the game. Here is the link https://sidequestvr.com/setup-howto You can also email us to help service@exvrience.com - thanks

any news of this game  going onto app lab

Hey - we are in the queue! Will post back here when we find out.

Thank you for a very fun game.
・ The pin flag to reflect the direction and strength of the wind
・ Zoom in / out of the map
・ Point on the map and measure the distance from the current position
・ Draw the grid on the green from own starting point
I'm looking forward to the update.


Hi will this game be going on applabs for quest 2 ? thanks

Hey, we have submitted and are waiting to hear back. Will reply back here when we find out.

Excellent keep me updated you guys should have applabs access by now yes ?

Enjoying large parts of game, but a few bugs,  on green when putting the ball falls off course and out of screen and have to start round again  or goes auto in water . Also if go in hazard you do not get penalty. 

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Hey, glad you are enjoying the game. This bug is fixed in the latest update v1.18 and tested on over 100 holes, however if you have seen this pop up again somewhere on the course, please email us at service@exvrience.com with some more details and we can take a look.

I really appreciate your efforts with this game.  I have only played the  demo so far, but feel its a fun semi-sim golf game to play.   I have lost some tracking at times with the Quest 2 controller but that's not all the time.  The only suggestions I would like to mention to improve it would be the physics of the backspin,  ball physics on slopes, and perhaps iron carry distance and balls sticking the green .   The backspin should not activate except when landing on the green.  The ball physics seem a little off when pitching on the green with a downhill slope.   Many times you feel the ball should roll more down hill when pitching onto the green with a steep slope downhill.  I think the putting more accurately depicts  the downhill slope than balls that contact the green  from the air.   Also the irons seem to fall short of the green many times with full strokes without head winds, and if they do there is no stick to the golf balls on the green.  Its like all of the greens are rock hard.  It seems like iron carry distances are made with the roll in mind when in reality iron distances are always defined by the actual carry distance. I think with these changes his game will be terrific.    Either way I plan on purchasing today to help out with your development.   If you ever need an additional tester, I would love to help out.   Again thanks for your work on this title, and really hope you are able to keep up the great work and get this on the Quest  store soon.

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Hey, thanks for the great feedback. We are always looking to improve the feel of the game so we really appreciate these comments.  Will take a look at the backspin, adjusting the stick on the green and iron carry and improve these as we release new versions.

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I would love this game but this is really really blurry for me to see out. Please update the graphics. It’s just one big blurry when I look down the course. Plus it hits the ball when I do a full swing  very frustrating 

Hi - Updated visual clarity in the latest release.

you’re awesome. Thanks 

interesting, but not easy to handle

Just played the demo  on Quest 2...LOVE IT..... Had it on Oculus Go too!.... will you ever make an on-line multi player version?


We would like to. Plans are to get some more courses before looking into that.

Glad you are enjoying the game

if you ever do set up live on-line multi player...  I personally could live without seeing an avatar of the other players...   I would only need to see a club for them (and of course their ball) but it would be very fun to be able to talk back and forth...

LOVE THE GAME.... keep it coming


help i downloaded all ok it says it is installed but  not showing anywhere i am very new to this can you help please im on the quest 2 

Hi, could you please email us at service@exvrience.com with the steps you have taken so far so we can assist.


You have to go into your headset and in the same dropdown list that shows all games, updates to games, the very bottom is one that says unknown sources. This is where it loads from.  It will never be in your main games list.

got it thank you i love this game now im sorted whoop whoop 

Works amazing on the Quest 2! I think my favorite thing about this game is, that I emailed the developer a suggestion (practice swing), and it was implemented and sent out the next day!!! This is a great game with a great developer. I can't wait to see how this matures in the future!

Hi can you confirm this will run on the Oculus Quest 2? Thanks!

Hi Paulo, Yes.  This has been tested and all works. Thanks

So... this is a port of a Go game.

Personally, I would like a demo before putting up $10.

Even in the trailers, there is not enough actual gameplay.

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion. We now have a FREE DEMO version available for download that includes the first hole.